Support creativity in your work spaces with our portable, stackable, shareable whiteboard panel system!

Pretch panels measure in at 23.5" x 42" and install in minutes. Stack, re-arrange, and take Pretch’s whiteboard panels with you from room to room.


Use Pretch panels in your personal office to develop your big ideas.  Take panels with you to your meeting to share with the team.  They fit perfectly in the smaller spaces right next to your desk.


Never run out of whiteboard space in a meeting again.  Stack and arrange Pretch panels in your team meeting and brainstorm spaces to help your team organize and evolve ideas.


Mount Pretch panels around your collaborative spaces to provide surfaces for sketching out your ideas when you huddle for a quick conversation.  Detach and take with you wherever you go.

The freedom to take your ideas with you wherever you work.


Pretch panels are lightweight and portable so you can easily move them around your work space.  Create your idea, detach the panel and take your idea to your next team meeting or brainstorm.  Leave a stack of Pretch panels in your creative spaces to enable more dynamic collaboration and idea sharing.


Install mounting kit easily using installation template.


Pretch panels mount to most any surface in minutes.  Position installation template and install mounting points.  Use mounting screws to secure the mounting points in place permanently.  Repeat with additional mounting points to create a layout of multiple panels.    Panels magnetically stack four deep on each set of mounting points.



Pretch panels mount where most whiteboards can't.  Find new places to add whiteboards in your work space to maximize your creativity.